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    Visual design, specification guidelines, product branding, and system iconography for Google and Android’s new design language
A new design languagfor all of Google.
Material is a design language that unites GOOGLE and ANDROID under a visually rich style and set of principles. The underlying concept is based on the properties of paper and ink while the design approach is grounded in grid-based layouts, vibrant colors, large imagery, and typographic scale.​​​​​​​

GOOGLE’s product logos are inspired by the tactile qualities of physical material. Each logo was first hand-made out of paper to reference how lighting, fold and elevation appear offscreen. Subtle shadows and highlights evoke a sense of surface and tactility on an otherwise reductive system.
The design of 1200+ system icons is simple, modern and bold—ensuring readability and clarity even at small sizes. The icons were developed on a custom grid to facilitate consistency and establish a clear set of rules for the positioning of graphic elements.
With the launch of Material Design, GOOGLE’s Roboto typeface was updated with an increased width and rounder characters, resulting in a friendlier and more approachable feel. We redrew the typeface, aptly named Kilroy, to influence the final release of Roboto 2.0.
Material Design launched with a comprehensive set of principles, guidelines and resources. We were asked to create the design and oversee the content direction for the launch of Material Spec. As a reference for both design and engineering the site drew over 2.5 million unique users in the first year.
Commissioned by Google Material.