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    A concept app for Brooks on Windows 8
BROOKS ENGLAND for Windows 8
My concept app for what the first Brooks England app could look like
Brooks England is a brand that I truly love. I have only one product from them, yet I have this loyalty for Brooks. I have one of their dual spring saddles and I absolutely adore it. Since I have been re-imagining how existing apps will look on Windows 8, the Ocado app and Wunderlist, I decided my next project to be the something different. Brooks doesn't have an app, who knows if they need one. But if they did, then here is my concept to visualise that.
Photo Credit: Frank Herholdt original photo work commissioned by Brooks England
Like the website, there will be four main hubs:

When the user navigates into catalogue & shop they will be presented with the following options:
The product page contains the product image pane on the left. Product description on the right, with the cost and add to basket buttons. There will also be an "Unsolicited testimonials" and "Unfiltered Criticisms" section with rating stars. These are user generated views of the product allowing the user to read both positive and negative user generated reviews and opinions.

The description, price, Unsolicited testimonials and Unfiltered Criticisms sections pan horizontally. The Unsolicited testimonials and Unfiltered Criticism sections, with their detailed contents, are scrollable so the user can read through the reviews.

Products can also be viewed full screen by swiping the product image across to fill the screen, or pressing the zoom icon (see last two images). 
If the user clicks or touches the "delivery read more" text on the page they will be greeted with a dialogue box explaining delivery options and costs. To exit they will either press close or view basket (where more information can be gleaned about the cost of shipping).
The zoom button on the product image will slide the product image pane from the left over to the right covering the entire screen in a smooth and fast animation. The product will take up the full screen and the user will be able to use pinch to zoom and pan gestures to take a look at the product in detail. There will be options also to change to colour of the product if available.