Cold Snap - Genocide
[music video]

After we did music video for song 'Snap', guys from Cold Snap wanted us to work with them on their new single, 'Genocide'. Once again, Jan Kerekeš worked on screenplay and also directed this video. Mario Mlakar took part as DOP; Vedran Tomac (SmartCube Productions) as AC; Nikola Sučević, Tamara Dugandžija and Ante Knežević worked on light and atmosphere; and Igor Raguž (SmartCube Productions) did editing & postproduction, along with some visual effects.
We shot this video in 22 hours in just one day, but the result was worth it!
Screenplay: Jan Kerekeš
Director: Jan Kerekeš
DOP: Mario Mlakar
AC: Vedran Tomac
Editing, visual effects and postproduction: Igor Raguž
Lights and atmosphere: Nikola Sučević, Tamara Dugandžija, Ante Knežević
Make up: Ema Kerekeš
Video produced by Cold Snap
Song produced by Tue Madsen


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