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    Opening event for a gourmet shop
BRIEFINGAn opening event for a new Gourmet Shop.Developing an idea for the opening day, something notexpensive and with few communication pieces but still, appealing to people. CONCEPT“A BREATH-TAKING EVENT”So the idea was to invoke the party factor and what dowe always have at parties? Balloons!  So the proposal was divided in three communicationpieces: - The press-release for the journalists:a full balloon with an invitation inside of it, delivered by hand at theoffice. - The drop-mail for potential clients:An invitation with a balloon attached (the idea was to defy people to taketheir balloons to the party and receive a present in return).- The V.I.P. Invitation: A goldenenvelop with a golden balloon. Later on, at the party, people were surprised by aballoon release and with their own balloons full of gifts.
Press Release: The invitation was inside the balloon.
Drop Mail
V.I.P. Invitation