Initial Sketches
I chose cord management as my focus topic and explored some ideas through sketching.
Finalizing Sketches
Deciding on the table-hanging idea, I expanded upon the design by sketching different iterations.
After receiving feedback on the hardware-like quality of the designs, I got to work tweeking the flat-pattern into something more aesthetically pleasing. Drawn in Sketchbook Pro.
Initial prototypes were made with bent sheet aluminum and lasercut masonite to experiment with form. After a few tweeks, a finalized Illustrator file for the flat pattern was created and printed out to be transferred onto sheet aluminum.
The printed template was taped to the sheet metal and traced using a metal scribe. The shape was then cut out using a combination of a jump shear, jeweler’s saw, and a die punch. Afterwards, the metal is bent manually using a finger break and some hand clamps.
A Solidworks model was also made so that renderings of the product in different colors and materials could be done in Keyshot.
I received the Academic Award for the design challenge, meaning although I did not win popular vote on their website, I won the companys' choice award for the best product design. The picture on the left was taken with Sharon Tindell, CMO of The Container Store. The award includes a 3-year contract to put the product into manufacturing. 
May 2016: Product is in production and currently being sold at The Container Store!