Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material (like snow or metal powder) by heat and/or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction.

SINTR® is a Creative Studio that specializes in creating moving experiences for prominent brands and agencies.

Creative Services
• Creative Direction, Concepting, Pitching

Production Services
• Art Direction, Rapid Protytyping Creative Treatments, Storyboards, Illustration, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Editing
Areas of Expertise
• Executive Level Keynote Multimedia Presentations, Exhibits and Trade-shows
• Internal (corporate communications) multimedia campaigns utilizing traditional and new media
• External (consumer) multimedia campaigns utilizing traditional and new media
1984 Bryan's first cross country ski medal in Bozeman, MT (wearing an REI hat)
Bryan Schaeffer has been creatively engaged nearly his entire life. Although his first professional (paying gig) came at the age of 6 when Bryan discovered he could draw and paint to win prize money at the Beaverhead County Fair (Dillon, MT).
Brands such Microsoft, Premera, The Washington State Fair and King 5 look to Bryan to bring a level of sophistication to their multimedia projects.
Addy, Telly, Emmy and Promax award winning designer and animator, collaborating with creative and strategic thinkers to create great work is what really stokes Bryan's fire.
50th Anniversary Emmys News Promotional Campaign Winner "Cinematographics"

If you have a computer, phone or "know how to yodel" you can reach SINTR. 
mobile: 206.280.8767

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What is SINTR?

What is SINTR?

SINTR Visual Communications Reel \ˈsin-tər\ Function: verb: To cause (metallic powder, for example) to form a coherent mass by heating without Read More
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