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    This is a short film made to motivated the stop of movement from bully victims, bullies, and everybody.
llying Stops With YOU
I edited and directed this film along with a team of four other students. I feel very passionate about the movement to end bullying. I think it is amazingly unfair that some students fear going to school every day. I hope that this video can help reassure, to bully victims everywhere, that things do get better.
Allison Nguyen
I directed and edited this film, made for The South Side Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce. This film is about Allison Nguyen, and her freshman year in college. 
This is a short film that I directed, edited, produced, and wrote. Pandora is a modern adaptation of the Greek Myth,  Pandora's Box.  
Francis Tuttle
This is a twenty second commercial I edited, starred in, and directed for Francis Tuttle Technology Center. I also included pictures of my shot list and treatment form.
Turn The X Around
I edited, directed and wrote this short informational film about prescription drug abuse with a team of two other video and audio students. This film placed third in a state wide Business Professionals of America video production contest.