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    Poster illustration through International Rep.
Anta Shoes (Chinese National Brand) Poster
Anta is the Nike or Reebok of China
Winter 2012 - Anta is the Nike or Reebok of China and they endorse many international sports stars as part of the their brand campaign. They hired me through my International rep in London to produce a poster based on Luis Scola, the Argentinean basketball legend who recently moved to the NBA. The client didn't speak English and I don't speak any Chinese. The project ran through an interpreter. I was provided with very crude but very specific sketches and asked to make their sketches come to life. We worked through our communications issues and I provided finished artwork that made both me and the client very happy. 
Epilogue: at some point after turning in the art, the poster dimensions changed and the client manipulated the art themselves. I hope they are happy with the result - I, myself, am a little disappointed in the poor adjustments. If you see the poster and love it - I'm very pleased. If you see something... odd or off... that wasn't what I turned in. :D