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    A selection of design work.
A selection of design work.
In 2007, I was requested to submit designs for a trendier more exciting jersey/hoodie combo for Schlumberger's community sports participants. The result took into account the current trend in grundge design, motivational captions gleaded from corporate ethos, as well as included bright complementary colors for visibility and safety.
Wedding vows for Mr and Mrs Brent. The concept is that of a complex maze growing simpler and simpler as the pages go by. By the end, the maze in not only simple, but complete, the exit accentuated with a picture of the newlyweds. The background is hand painted and scanned. Digital artwork in Illustrator and Photoshop, assembled in InDesign
Leadthe end-to-end redesign of Schlumberger's 30 vol JET field training manuals. Designed the concept, layout, structure, and auxiliary imagery to be applied to all 30. Was translated into over 4 different languages for world-wide release.
Samples from my favorite deloreans magazine issue. In total, I created, edited, compiled, shot photography for, illustrated and designed all aspects of the magazine for a total of 3 issues. I even got to write an article or two, Issue #2, included a grueling 5 page technical article on replacing window regulators on an '82 DeLorean.