Griotte Dessert - packaging design for box of chocolate
Griotte Dessert
Packaging design proposal for boxes of chocolates
Griotte Dessert is one of the famous products of ex-Yugoslavian and now Croatian market. It is basically a sour cherry in alcohol and something creamy inside chocolate cover. But, you know, if you are acquainted with it from early childhood (when you were not allowed to eat it because it contains real alcohol and thus it became object of desire), then it is so much more. And in my opinion it tastes much better than similar western products.
The product held same packaging design for ages and was ran over by time more than a few times.
While I was working in big Croatian advertising agency (Imago reklamna agencija) we were assigned to do a makeover of this famous product. It all died out before it was born, I guess client's decision makers couldn't make such big leap at that time. But I'm still satisfied with my vision of it, although I must say it has been recently redesigned and it looks nice and contemporary.