Shop Book Manual (Giant Eagle)

Shop Book Creator/Manager: Lee Pace

Client: Giant Eagle

Info: The purpose of the Shop Book Manual is to provide the fabrication shop and installers with detail instruction on how to build decor items. This includes providing material info, hardware info, areas of production (print, routing, vinyl, etc.), measurements, CAD drawings, and item renderings. As Shop Book Creator/Manager, I would take all these elements, and lay them out on the shop drawing page. When laying out these elements, my objective was to make the drawing as easy as possible to understand. When Necessary, I would create a rendering of the item using a CAD drawing ISO view image as my starting point. I would provide any detailed drawings, such as exploded views, dowel hole placement details, and production (print, vinyl and route) detail plans. I also created all production files for print, routing, vinyl, stencil masks, water jet, metal route, etc.