Youth Ministry Summer Theme Logo
This logo I designed to fit the summer 2012 theme for the Youth Ministry of Huntsville Church of Christ. The idea behind the logo was to capture the thought behind Philippians 3:14: "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward."

The unique idea the youth minister was wanting to express was that while we are certainly pressing on toward the goal of heaven, we are still grounded in the now. He wanted to emphasize that being heavenward is an attitude that is still present right now and also headed in a heavenly direction.

Using a futuristic font, crisp colors, and the natural movement of the last letter, I believe this logo helped him accomplish his goal. It will also help his students hear his consistent message throughout the summer as he helps them experience this heavenward calling a little more, even as they see the logo all over the place!
Kats for Christ Logo Designs
As the Campus Minister for the Kats for Christ, I have had ample opportunity to design and re-design our logo to meet our specific needs. Here are a couple of examples.
CO2LD Dry Ice Cleaning and Restoration
This logo was created for a start-up dry ice blasting business in the DFW area. They suggested blue for the color and sought to incorporate "some kind of snowflake." As I learned more about the business, I discovered that they wanted to emphasize their use of dry ice as opposed to sand or soap products that require more cleanup.

In the logo package, I provide customers a style guide explaining how to use each file. At the bottom of this page is the style guide that I provided for this customer.
Shootin' Straight Photography
This logo was created for a small start-up photography business. The client required two things for the logo design: cross pistols and the color turquoise. The cross pistols proved to be a hard element to incorporate, especially with a name that included the word "straight." It was fun to figure this out!

Huntsville Homeschool Organization (H2O) Running Club Logo
This is the logo I designed for the Huntsville Homeschool Organization Running Club called "Running H2O." This group teaches kids of all ages the importance of running as an aspect of healthy living. They wanted a simple design that incorporated both water and running.
Z2 Convergence Logo Designs
The first logo below came from a sketch drawn by Doug Johnson, a co-visionary for the Z2 Convergence experience. It is a place where God and students collide in engaging worship, motivating discussions, and energizing fellowship to inspire us to live for Jesus Christ completely.

The second design below was one of the explorations I made to go in a slightly different direction. While we both liked it, the fire seemed to communicate something different than our desires for the weekend.
Huntsville Church of Christ
Example Logo Style Guide
I provide style guides to accompany my logo design packages. These are intended to explain the intended use for each version of the logo in the package. While every style guide is similar, each one is unique to the needs of the customer.