Ernesto & Josefina 

Ernesto & Josefina is a fashion brand for kids and teenagers focused on e-commerce as a trade and selling model.
Designing a fashion brand is always a challenge between creating an identity with personality and an authentic DNA that can always follow the changes in fashion trends and new creations. In Ernesto e Josefina, we were worried about making a brand with strong essence and, at the same time, free to connect with different styles.
The founders, inspired in short film characters and frech figures, created Ernesto & Josefina to be a child’s brand that reflected not only adult’s fashion trends, but that brainwaved imagination, fun and, of course, filled with quality, originality and comfort.
In this project, our research’s role and diagnosis was to understand the public’s profile, how they recognize and connect to fashion brands and how we would place the brand this public and the market’s recognition. We studied the sector, analysed the numerous purposes and business models to understand the way to crate importance to get to our profile of interest.

To encourage art and imagination, we built a brand with freedom enough to adapt to fashion’s transformation, without losing the artistic and inspiring concept that the platform brings.
Brand Lauch Photoshoot

Creative Direction / Design: Braz de Pina & Rodrigo Francisco
Brand Strategist: Luís Feitoza
Design Development: Verônica Sauthier & Murilo Pascoal 
Product Photography: BR/BAUEN
Social Strategist: Frank Michael
Web Writer: Ana L. Machado
Print Production: Cirgráfica
Ernesto & Josefina - Brand Design