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Gameworld Subway Maps

I stumbled upon Rick Brun's site recently ( and spent hours pouring over every pixel. These are maps I would have seen in Nintendo Power as a kid or would have had to create on my own in my handy gamer notebook. I loved recalling the twists and turns of the games and wanted to recreate the adventure.

Recent travels introduced me to the beauty of transit maps. Most designers immediately see the talent in the London Underground design, and (living in DC) I grew up with Lance Wyman’s Metro map. Metro → Metroid, perfect!

Dragon Warrior as Lisbon Subway
Metroid as DC Metro

The Legend of Zelda as London Underground

Maniac Mansion as Moscow Subway

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link as Tokyo Transit

Final Fantasy as NYC Subway


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Gameworld Subway Maps

Gameworld Subway Maps

These posters accurately recreate old-school Nintendo games as famous subway transit maps.