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Plunder Planet (Exergame)

A game that makes you love to move!

Client: None.
Partner: Senior Researcher Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken and Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Switzerland (ZHdK)
Task: Full game development
Genre: Serious Game, physical training game
State: First Prototype
Platforms: PC with custom controller (Developed by Fabienne Osterwalder&Patricia Pollinger in 2014 at the ZHdK)
Plunder Planet is a physical exercise game based on the concept of Dual-Flow: Based on the physical and mental stress of the player, the game changes the difficulty and pacing to guarantee the optimum level of exercise. Senior Researcher Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken and the ZHdK will use this game for research in the field of gamified physical exercise.
This game is currently still in development and will evolve as the study goes on. If you're interested in the study or would like to apply as a test subject, don't hesitate to write us at contact@koboldgames.ch.
Concept Art of the Setup Space: Left, front and right of the player are the six different buttons for moving around and activating the ship's shields. A heart rate reader is sending signals to the game, controlling the pace of the game.
The game itself is about a flying in a space pirate ship on a desert planet, searching for precious gemstones. 
Collecting Gemstones will get the player points. Crashing into rocks or getting attacked by hostile creatures will reduce the points.
Plunder Planet (Exergame)

Plunder Planet (Exergame)

Fitness game, that adapts to the player’s mental and physical stress while steering a spaceship through an alien desert.


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