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    Design 360° Magazine No.61 - Designer's Craftsmanship
No. 61 Designer's Craftsmanship   |   設計造物
book i      lab                                        實驗場
book ii     handicraft platform               手作平台
book iii    designer's handicrafts          設計師手作


Creative Director: Wang Shaoqiang
Design Assistant : Antiny Wu
設計助理 : 吳燕婷
Executive Editor : Krystle Zhang
責任編輯 : 張星
Coordinator & Flowcharting : Krystle Zhang,Amanda Wong
統籌&流程 : 張星   王漫
Editors : Krystle Zhang, Cora Deng,Amanda Wong
編輯 : 張星  鄧嘉暉  王漫

Handicrafts are everywhere, which are ordinary but important. A handicraft is not simply a tool. It combines the craftsmanship and the concept of the craftsmen. How handicrafts go into our life by combining design and exploring a new way of marketing, so as to maintain the vitality of handicrafts, is a vital issue which we have to consider.
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the process of hand-made works - Okia Sato

book i
Okia Sato - the process of hand-made works
book ii
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Article :Inheritance and Innovation from Okia Sato
Interviews with Simon Hansanzhanglei(张雷)
Designer's  Handicrafts
                                                                                   Derek Wilson
                                                                                   Alexe Tourron
                                                                                   Ladies & Gentlemen Studio
                                                                                   Studio Twocan
                                                                                   Sara Lundgren
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