Logo Assignment Adobe Graphics and Illustration Class
For my week 3 assignment, in the Adobe Graphic Illustration class, I designed a logo for a shoe store called The Red Shoe. I chose a shoe store because I have way too many shoes in my own closet and am known as someone who loves shoes (especially "strappy" sandals)!
Because I'm just learning my way around the Pen Tool, I used a technique shown in one of the class tutorials. I found an image and recreated it by drawing over the original with the pen tool. I spent a lot of time adding points, stretching my image, creating layers, redoing bumpy lines, and pulling out my hair. (I didn't actually pull out my hair, but I did think about it a few times.)
I enjoyed this project because it helped me understand more about some of the tools in Illustrator. I also thought a lot about typography. My text isn't exactly like I hoped for it to be, but it improved a lot from my first attempt. I wanted the "S" to look like part of the ribbon and the heel to be part of the typography. I couldn't get the exact angles and tried to play around with the transform and the envelope distort tool. Neither worked perfectly for me so I will be watching a few tutorials in the near future.
One thing I noticed was that my text would not resize, with the rest of my vector, when I selected all and resized by using shift and dragging in the corners.
This is the image that I recreated using the Pen Tool in Illustrator.  I loved the bow and lines in this shoe and would definitely wear it in real life! The original artist, of this shoe, is unknown.