Skills: Naming, Branding & Website Design

Our favorite kind of project is to give shape and look to an unborn project where we are able to contribute bringing knowledge to transform an idea into a real company or product. Fluor happens to be that exact scenario. They had a very sharp clear idea of who they were and how they wanted to act as a creative agency and they came to us looking for a name and a visual world for their brand which should be flexible, associative, powerful and different. 

Their naming was present all the time in everything: atoms. A modular elements' structure that establishes links or connections with other elements naturally and whose combination gives rise to new and very different things. Fluorine is the most reactive element of all, it reacts and forms combinations with almost all other elements creating new realities. The visual world could not be less special, a modular logotype, neon inks and a tremendously hyper-flexible identity as fluorine. 

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Fluor Naming & Branding