IPS Festival is the biggest Public Speaking Event in Indonesia, organized by Rumah MC. This is the second year of IPS Fest, with annual theme and new concept. This event isn't just for MC Choice Award, but is dedicated to speak a social campaign. And  IPS Fest's theme periode 2015/2016 is "From Us To Indonesia", with a campaign of the year, #SaVeID (Sahabat Veteran Indonesia).
Client Info:
+ Name: Alicia Van Akker
+ Occupation: Event Planner
+ Event: Indonesia Public Speaking Festival
+ Socmed: facebook.com/IPSFestival
+ Website: ipsfestival.com

Detail Project:
Because of the theme is about INDONESIA, there are some changes in IPS Fest's logo concept for that year. The floral motives in 'P' and 'S' are identical with characteristic of Batik from Indonesia.
The new colour scheme consist of green tosca, golden, bright pink, and black. Green tosca gives impression humanity and awereness. Golden colour means generous and giving. And the meaning of bright pink is positive, high-energy, and exciting. 
Logo of IPS Festival 2015-2016
E-Flyer for MC Choice Award Audition
E-Flyer for MC Choice Award Audition
E-Certificate for Media Partner
Front and Back Cover for IPS Festival Proposal
Poster for #SaVeID Campaign
First Puclic Speaking Class for #SaveID Campaign