Madam Tusan is a renowed restaurant of chinese and peruvian fusion style food. At Millennial, the studio that manages the identity of the restaurant, I was asked to make a few pieces for them, print and digital. I had to keep the overall style of the brand and make something fresh.
For business cards I presented the client with two cards. The client later on asked for a different color of the secon option. This options were declined.
I also had to make a discount card, stating the adress and info in english and spanish. This two cards were presented to the client. The horizontal one was used.
For digital I had to modify an existing model of website, keeping in mind the identity of the brand, elements often used in their menu and make it of easy interaction for the public.
It was used with a few modifications, for Mother’s Day 2015.
For the Chinese New Year, I had to create a mailing that informed the cliente of the festivities ahead. Having in mind not only the identity of the brand, but also the Year of the Goat.