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    Smiley face salads created by Sam Ludvicek. Photography by Zebo Studio.
Teresa Tomata
Alvin Scallion
Spike Pea
Rod Peapod
Peter Pepper
Barnaby Broccoli
Sam Smiley Face
Chicken of the Sea
Agnes Acne
Crazy Sadie
Detail Walter
Chuck Chedder
Rita Velveta
Penny Pepperlips
Suzy Q. Cashew
Walter Walnut
Sal Salami
Sara Lee Sesame
Trish Fish
Detail Miss Fish
Sven Svinach
Pia Peanut
Pat Pumpkin
Miss Tootie Frootie
Chip Chicken Chunks
Jimmy Choo
Sloppy Bobby
Andy Rooney
Chet Chex Mix
Arthur Avocado
Walter Cucumber
Shocked Shirley
Teeny Zuchinni