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    Digitally painted doll portraits, part of an ongoing doll bust sculpting and painting series.
Doll Bust Portraits
Craft art and illustration meet in the uncanny valley.
An ongoing body of work comprised of sculpted doll busts, photographs and digital paintings. I'm delving into the uncanny valley to see what the dolls can tell me about characterisation and the spontaneous sense of personality and presence these little faces project.
Sculpting each head is a slow and labour-intensive process. Sometimes I cast a 'blank' basic head shape in resin or other materials and then modify each cast head. The sheer volume of variations on a theme, and each bust/character's individuality is an integral part of the work. They seem to have taken on a life of their own and I can see this being a very open ended series of works.
As for the 2D works, I'm trying to balance the cute and the grotesque. The realistic and the cartoony. 
I guess it's also worth mentioning all these 2D works are available as prints over at my society6 account: http://society6.com/nijikon :)