mpx is the flagship product at thePlatform. I was tapped to help the CTO refresh the look and give creative direction as mpx made its evolution from a Flash based piece of software to an quick-loading, HTML5 cloud-based video hosting and management platform.
With the evolution of our corporate website, I was tasked with bringing a similar aesthetic to our main product, mpx. This is the login page which was completely overhauled with a refreshed look and interaction.
While the mpx console is still in the midst of a migration to HTML5, I worked on specific portions of the page to update their look to work with what still remains of the console but evolve the look and UI. I updated the header section as much as I could without clashing with the newer design. The left sidebar was completely redesigned with an all-new icon set as well as color-coded sections and an interface element to pin the sidebar open when using it on a tablet device. I really wanted to focus on opening up the UI which was a rapid departure from how the content was crammed into the previous iteration.
When a piece of media is selected in the media view, it gives you multiple options to edit metadata in the accordion panels. I created updated iconography in this area to better reflect the updates made to the sidebar navigation.
This is the next iteration of the Media View showing a cleaner design along with refreshed iconography around the preview area of the accordion panels.