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Real Estate Content That Doesn't Go Out of Style.
Real Estate Article Round-ups
Some of the best real estate content found online is often summarized in a real estate round-up or compilation of posts. Typically the author has spent some amount of time researching great content and has hand selected some excellent material. Working as one of the top real estate agents in Bellingham MA, I am often fortunate enough to see such content during my time in various real estate social media venues. There is certainly no shortage of Realtors who are producing some really outstanding content!
Many of these real estate agents, however, who are writing exceptional content, are not taking the time to market it. This is a mistake because visibility is the key to being successful online today.
Below what you are going to see is a compilation of some of the better real estate round-ups I have found over the last few months. Many of these postings have multiple real estate articles of the highest quality, written by authors who are not just spitting out content. Instead these real estate experts are spending a ton of time crafting  in-depth articles.
Many of these articles are helpful to consumers and other real estate agents alike. Take the time to check each of them out. You will be glad you did if you enjoy reading about various real estate topics.
Best Real Estate Articles on Behance
Last month right here on Behance I took the time to post an article summarizing the best real estate articles for December. These articles were found in many of the real estate social media channels that numerous Realtors enjoy sharing their best content on such as Google+ and Pinterest. Within this article there were 6 real estate articles that were highlighted with the following topics:
1.) How to select a real estate agent.
2.) How to buy your first home.
3.) How not to get your mortgage pre-approval taken away.
4.) Should you hire a Realtor to sell your home?
5.) How to sell a home in the winter.
6.) What are the reasons a real estate agent may fire their client.
Each of these articles were written by different real estate experts and were jam packed with helpful advice for both buyers and sellers. Take a look and see what article catches your attention.
6 Helpful Real Estate Articles
In this compilation of posts there are 6 helpful real estate articles shared over at Realty Times a popular real estate publication channel. Again there is some exceptionally well written content featuring top real estate bloggers from around the country. Topics in this round-up include:
1.) How does a real estate right of first refusal work?
2.) How to make the home buying process easier when purchasing your first home?
3.) Why have a real estate blog?
4.) Tips for selling a home in the winter - a very popular topic right now.
5.) How to remove private mortgage insurance?
6.) Featured Google+ Real Estate articles for January.
Each of these articles provides some really good advice, The post pertaining to starting a real estate blog is great for those who enjoy writing and want to have their own blog to share their expertise. Even if you already have a blog some of the content promotion ideas are terrific.
Best of Real Estate On Google Plus
Here is a grouping of real estate articles published on Massachusetts Real Estate News. Each of these articles are hand picked each month by one lucky real estate agent. They all come from the Google+ real estate communities. This months Google+ real estate compilation is for January 2016. Seven articles were featured. There are some really excellent topics in this one including:
1.) A review of programs for first time buyers.
2.) Great tips for buying a vacation home.
3.) Advice on whether to sell your home now or wait until spring.
4.) An explanation on why home buyers need their own real estate agent.
5.) Investment property buying tips.
5.) A listing process guide for home sellers.
6.) A home buyer checklist on exactly what to look for.
7.) A killer summary article on all of the best real estate blogs to follow for 2016. This one is my favorite and well worth the look if you want to exceptional real estate experts to follow in the coming year.
Featured Articles at Active Rain
Last but not least is a round-up of great articles found on Active Rain, the community for real estate professionals. This is another batch of posts worth sharing. This round-up is broken down into a few different categories including articles for real estate agents, articles pertaining to personal financing, general real estate articles and a special category of real estate round-ups. There are a number of interesting topics including:
1.) Things that real estate agents do that everyone hates.
2.) How to build social media relationships.
3.) How you can be denied a mortgage after getting a pre-approval letter.
4.) Where you can get a loan when you have been rejected by a mortgage company.
Take your pick among these fantastic real estate articles. You really can't go wrong if you like reading about any of these subjects. Enjoy!
Real Estate Content That Doesn't Go Out of Style.

Real Estate Content That Doesn't Go Out of Style.

Top Real Estate Round-ups Featuring Numerous Real Estate Experts. Helpful articles for home buyers, sellers and Realtors alike.

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