Bel homme Exhibition 2011
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    A series of digital painting, a collaboration work with ririco:ramu and some postcard designing for Bel homme Exhibition 2011 in Nagoya, Japan.
Bel homme Exhibition 2011
Creators Market vol.25 - Nagoya, Japan - December 2011
I participated in Creators Market vol.25 as a member of Bel homme, an artist group of Boys Art,
and displayed two giclée prints of a series of my painting, "Red Riding Hood Boys".
The special feature of this group exhibition is the collaboration work with ririco:ramu.  
Red Riding Hood Boys
 Red Riding Hood Boys : No Coins 
 Size 38.4 x 60 (cm)Year : 2011 (November)Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter)

He is the "Red Riding Hood".
Red Riding Hood Boys : Pudding
Size 38.4 x 60 (cm)Year : 2011 (November)Medium: Digital (Photoshop, Painter)
He is the "Werewolf".
The Collaboration Work  ririco:rum x Yuko Rabbit
 Ririco:ramu is horn headdress artist based in Nagoya, Japan.
First She made a headdress built on my concepts, and then I painted this work.
 Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day
 Size: 35.4 x 55.1 (cm)Year: 2011 (November) Medium: Pencil, Digital (Photoshop, Painter, kMOD)
Horn Headdress by ririco:ramu
The Exhibition
 Photo by Yuko Rabbit
Postcard Design 
I also did my postcards design for this event.
Planning / Management / Bel homme Logo design - Nao
Horn headdress design - ririco:ramu a.k.a. rillie
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