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Shhh, It's Raining
An illustrated children's book
"Children’s perception onfantasy as reality"

‘Shhh, It's Raining' is a children's illustrated book about ahearing-impaired girl called Sophie and her imaginary world. Through Sophie’simaginary experiences, the appreciation and the awareness of thehearing-impaired are highlighted through their enhanced ability to visualize ina silent world. The language and written words used to narrate the story aresignificant. It takes longer for a deaf child to establish a codex vocabularyand patterns of speech.

Sophie'simaginary world lies within reality where she expresses her interactions withthe world via her imagination. This is significant in clarifying the crossoverbetween Sophie’s imagination and reality when on her own. This imaginary worlddissolves away once her mother comes into focus.

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Rough Storyboard
 Scanned pencil work
Spot colours of watercolours are added to enhance character and floating texts.