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    Interactive reading experience.
The Waitress
Response to an ISTD brief to reinvent books for the 'new reader' using the short story 'The Waitress' by Jack Zipes.

Like a play, many stories have 3 clear sections: a beginning, middle and end. Each section would be treated differently to represent what was happening in the story. This is a proposal for an experiential installation where people can come and read the story in a staged environment. Taking inspiration from the restaurant theme of the story (and also continuing the 3 part theme: a 3 course meal) the reader would be instructed to read the first part of the story in the 'menu'. Next, they would move on to reading the rest of the text across various plates and cutlery in the order it is used in a meal, ending with the unwrapping of an after dinner chocolate and contenting the end of the story.