Ten Years Of Side One Record Store Warsaw
Anniversary Limited Edition Box

Side One is a unique record store in Warsaw, Poland. For the 10th anniversary of its existence we've put up a special release containing three EP's with unreleased music by best Polish electronic music producers closely connected to the shop. Inside the handmade box is a book with a in-depth interview with shop founder – Wojtek Żdanuk, numerous interviews with producers, DJs and record collectors associated with the shop, archival pictures and other trivia.

The project was crowdfunded.
Short documentary about the project by LAMP.
All record sleeves were hand made and screenprinted. The book cover was printed with UV varnish. To match the colours on vinyl labels to paper used for sleeves Pantone colours were used.
Poster for a party celebrating end of crowdfunding campaign.

Idea: Rafał Grobel & Bartosz Szymkiewicz
Executive production: Rafał Grobel
Graphic design: Bartosz Szymkiewicz
Content supervision: Wojciech Żdanuk
Editorial: Filip Kalinowski
Editorial assistant: Paweł Klimczak
Translation: Marek Stuczyński
Photography: Jakub Szymański
Archival materials: Krzysztof Boguszewski, Kornel Kosieradzki, Rafał Grobel, LAMP, Metro Club, Wojciech Żdanuk

This is an S1 Warsaw release, Warsaw 2015
Side One Ten


Side One Ten

Ten Years Of Side One Record Store Warsaw Anniversary Limited Edition Box