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    Private residential remodel, Victorian front, contemporary back Noe Valley, San Francisco
Victorian house front, sidewalk view
Full gut rehab, major addition, rebuilding a unit below, doubling size of existing unit above.
Performance upgrades including solar panels and radiant heating.
Upper duplex
Modern half: master suite, laundry room, great room, large roof terrace, two baths, stair hall.
Victorian half: guest room, parlor, music room, office, entry hall.
Garden apartment
Back: two master bedrooms that open into each other, two baths, one side functioning as office/guest, facing the garden. 
Front: combined living and dining room.
Middle: kitchen, laundry room/ pantry.
Rear view from patio
Doug had lived in the house since the 80s. He knew the small house had development potential, it was in walking distance to Noe Valley’s central business district and in view of Twin Peaks…but there were issues with the house that needed to be addressed: it was small, dark, poorly heated, drafty and cold. It had a terrible foundation. There was a Victorian-era in-law apartment in the basement that was in disrepair. There was no convenient connection between inside and the rear yard.
Shared kitchen on lower level
I was very familiar with the challenges, having already designed three other projects on the same block. 
Parlor in lower level
Doug was looking toward retirement and wanted to maximize the potential of his site. He wanted to undertake the rehabilitation process while he was still working.
The remodel let natural light deep into the home
Doug wanted to have his choices going forward to include living in either of the units – in either case, he would need to optimize the design for his consulting office, entertainment space for his organizing and fundraising interests; as well as equipment storage for the sports and music that were big parts of his life.
Doug ultimately sold the property moved to Marin, the profit on his investment being too tempting to ignore at that that moment in his life.