The Vintage Web Tv Project
The project was about the creation of a website, a mobile app and the launch campaign for a vintage web tv.We took our cue from old washing machines and laundromats, considered vintage items and remind to the concept of re-washed and re-used, typical of the vintage.
The website is characterized by interactive homepage, with typical elements of a washing machine, replacing the classic menu.
Splash Page
Home Page
Internal Page
The most important feature is that shaking the iPhone you get random video.In addition there's the possibility to create your personal playlist of favorite videos.

For the launch of this web tv, special events will be organized
 in which the largest laundromats will be transformed into a cinema.
During the nights will be screened the films that have made history of cinema.To get an invitation to the evening will be necessary to find the QR code stickers, spreaded
in various laundromats. After having photographed the code you get the invite.
The events will be advertised through posters around the city, different for each night.