Design Brief
To design a print calendar for Bangalore for year 2016

Design direction taken
Bangalore is known for it's IT crowd.
I chose to design a calendar that allows them to
quickly identify long weekends in the year :) and
know about various events happening in the city

Note about the design
1. The form was derived from the data. The Circle represents the cyclic nature of an year
2. The colors represent the mood of the Persona and colors of Bangalore City
3. This piece of design / art works at 3 distances:
    i) From far (say 10 feet), it looks like the sun

   ii) On going closer (say 3 feet), the person realises that the entire year is shown.
  iii) The long weekends and holidays can be easily spotted
  iv) To read the events, the person goes very close to the picture (Less than a feet)