Album Cover Design
This is a design I made for my friends album cover. Basically i placed the picture of his upper body into the art-board by selecting it. The background is just a light-blue gradient that I pixilated in the render menu. I cut some boxes into his shirt so that I could add in the robotic mechanisms. The lightning effect is pretty simple with just a brush and adding several blending modes onto that layer until you get the desired effect. I also used a splatter brush to make it seem more realistic. I used motion blur on the "Insomnia" text to give it a cool effect, but not too over the top where it is unreadable. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

The font I used in this design is: BlairMdITC TT 
(This can be downloaded for free)
Here is the original picture before I cut it into the art-board.
Here are the robot mechanism images I used.