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    A poster campaigning to add the word "gnar" to the dictionary.
GNAR Campaign Poster
Inspired by the Cut & Paste design challenge
This was a short term project in which the goal was to design a poster campaigning for a word to be added to the dictionary that is not currently in the dictionary.

The concept for this project was the same challenge given to the participants of the Cut & Paste design challenge, hosted by Kansas City design week. The only difference was they are given 45 minutes to design, we were given one week. To challenge myself, I chose to adhere to the 45 minute guideline given to the participants of the Cut & Paste challenge.

The word I chose was "gnar", shorthand for the word "gnarly", popular with the skateboarding community. Though gnarly already exists, I prefer the more tangible and edgy sound of gnar. I pulled inspiration for this poster from the skate community of the 1970s and the present.