Patient Itemization Creation - Web App
UX & UI Design
For this project I was enlisted as an I.C. to evaluate a web application currently in use for a large hospital network in Texas & redesign the UI, Interaction & Creation Logic. Although it may not look like much, this has been my largest project to date. I was pretty submersed in hospital patient payment & record management for the first 3 weeks to really get an understanding of how things currently operated and how they actually should operate. I had a phenomenal p.o.c. & p.m. who was key in facilitating this. The original app was very displaced & redundant and the clean up took a lot of trial and error but they were well impressed and content with the work. The short of it is that the app is used to query patient billing/payment records, filter the data by guarantor, patient or case level & aggregate + export pre-formatted patient itemizations based on specific data types needed for each respective type of delivery.

Below, you'll find screenshots of the new user interface as well as one of each type of patient itemization produced. These itemizations are requested and used by individuals, legal offices, insurance companies and employers. The design was requested to be light, organized and aesthetically professional & pleasing yet not overly flashy as its purposed for extended daily use by employees of various age groups with basic to advanced computer knowledge/experience.

***Branding has been removed to honor privacy.