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    Never2Much Designs & Photography LLC 2015 Portfolio
I would like to first thank you for taking the time to look over my 2015‪#‎portfolio‬.
My Name is Michael Vascellaro and I am a veteran but also a freelance graphic designer and photographer. I strive to find the harmonious balance between business and design. I am focused on producing professional creative solutions for a multitude of clients.
Graphic Design is a way for me to explore unknown perspectives and solutions. I am able to bring fresh new ideas and concepts to the table with the experience I have gained using programs like Adobe Creative Cloud and attending Digital Media Arts College working with some of the top professors that are also professionals themselves in the graphic design field.
Photography allows me to bring out the beauty in anyone. I also shoot my own professional scenes for graphic design projects. I would say photography is my passion and I dedicate a lot of my time in making sure I have many shots to have a variety of choices when choosing the right look and feel of the message being sent.