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    portfolio cover photography by majed abassi
majed abassi

interior design
sailing yacht design
This is a national competition to design the Tunisian architects House.
The architectural party revolves around a symbolic contrast between art and technology; two fundamental aspects of architectural practice.
The concept is concretized by a marked contrast between a crude and crystallized envelope and a light and bright.The building opens to expose its interior virtually to passersby.
An architectural solution of a binding urbanistic problem offers a degree volumetrics divided into three levels.
A set of material and light gives to this imposing building a certain spatial interweaving.
A double opening of the project on the outside and the inside by means of a passage connecting the street with the garden.
The architectural party articulates around a bi-functionality space; semi-collective and commercial housing environment. Situated between the city center and the sea, the project consists of eighteen apartments distributed on six floors.
A particular work is brought at the level of the facade to give her an extension as a wing shape looking onto the main avenue and which has for role to ease the orthogonality of the building.
A plastic research ended in an organic volumetrics which concretize an image of hybrid marine creature.
The wavy and tentacular envelope rises in height by remaining very fine and by allowing to pass, on its sides, a flow of natural light.
A system of circulation in banisters connects the various levels which are by moments continuous in the space.
A stylistic exercice which is inspired by the untempral work of the architect Mies Van Der Rohe.
An absolved minimalism in the forms, the volumes and the materials gives the project a light character and makes it perfectly integrated into its environment.
The light infiltrates by glazed paroies in the building up to the basement.
This public place is a synergy between the spatial constituent, the urban context and the new information technologies.
The building, while turning to the central place(square), is integrated into the traditional fabric with a false patio.
The inside is staged in a glazed frame by the facade where the arches of the Medina of “Bizerte” are reflected.
A space which was designed to have a very consequent commercial potential.
The glazed facade, registered in well marked frame, offers a screening of the inside space.
A particular graphic work was set up for this project to accompany the spatial zoning and create a descriptive animation.

A light shaft comes to innonder with natural light the building, which consists of three identical apartments.
The envelope presents a set of fillers and colors creating an assymetric graphic design.

The spatial composition was conceived designed so as to emphasize the salad bar and the counter by a work on the color and the light which accompany these two central elements.
The cubic volumetrics in its entirety was eased by some roundness at the level of the furniture and of the graphics.
Presenting in one space different brands of furniture with very strong image as ‘Vitra.’ was the challenge of this project.
A modular system was designed specifically for this space and offers several functions.
These elements aligned on an oblique line defines a path with simulations of complete spaces and objects to look or touch …
Intervention in this small Parisian apartment consists of redistribution of interior space and reorganization of its different functions.
The white, which is a dominant visual in the design and decoration of this space, is supported by an intense orange color.
The two tones form a duality that contributes to increase intensifying natural light passed through the roof windows.
An uncluttered space where the material sometimes absorbs the light and othertimes reflects it. The project wants to be at the same time a fast and friendly place.
A continuity between the internal room and the terrace was well marked by the use of the same materials and the same graphic compositions.

A twenty meters length deep-sea sailing boat consisted of a square and three cabins, allies a sports line with a yacht comfort.
The roof is designed totally in a coloured stop-sol glazing which innondes the interior space and offers an exceptional luminosity.