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    Link Ciudadano es una asociación que busca unir esfuerzos de la ciudadanía para incidir en la política.

Link Ciudadano (the translation would beCitizen Link) is a non-governmental organization (NGO). Their mission is to promote citizen participation inpolitics, being the bond between them. 

We used some key words as visual metaphors: closeness,individual identity, integrity and mostly the four pillars of the association:life, family, security and education. The image result was the eye of thehurricane. The wind that the hurricane makes modifies everything on its way andthats what Link Ciudadano wants to make on society.
But the hurricane is mostly related to disasters, so wethought of a similar shape that represents the beauty of the nature, and thatshow we decided to use a rose view from the top.

The color range used is related directly with the meaning of the four pillars:

LIFE.- Light blue color was used because of the direct connection with water, which is the first composition of every specie.
FAMILY.- After individual life, the first society group we belong to is the family. The color chosen was light green because of his relation with the growing of the plants and the developing of the people individual and socially.
SECURITY.- The first color everyone thinks about this word is red, but in México many political parties use it, and the civil association wants not to be related to them, so we change the color for a warmer red.
EDUCATION.- This circle is located on the outside, because it encloses the three other values. A rhodamine red was selected because it is related to childhood and hope, and is also associated with royalty and nobility.
We'll upload more of this project soon!

Production: Dan Macias
Creative Direction: Oscar Ramirez
Design: Gloria Castañeda / Oscar Ramirez