A friend had been ideating on an App that would teach important skills that is not taught in schools and colleges. Skills like leadership, decision making, planning, confidence, overcoming fears etc. While some people learn them through from the opportunities they were exposed to during school or college, many people do not get a chance to learn them even when they start working.

I did the design for the first version of the app, whose development is currently under progress.


    •  18 to 25 year old student studying in a college in a tier II and III city
    •  Is motivated to improve him/herself,
    •  Wants to be the best among his/her friends and peers
    •  Owns a low-end smartphone and use a 2G internet with limited download limit

(A non-motivated persona would be looked into later)

Design Direction

    •  It would have games to teach them different skills.
    •  Put students on a competitive and fun platform. Integrate with social networks
    •  Use gamification principles (rankings, ratings, levels) to motivate users.
    •  Visualise the user's performance - give an overview

    •  Android platform
    •  Light weight - small download size, less internet usage.


    •  Initial iterations were done using pen and paper
    •  Did the wireframe / task flow using Balsamiq mockups. Open points related to ux or development were tracked on the same.
    •  Worked on logo, icons, and colors. Mocked up medium-fidelity screens on Illustrator.
    •  The questionnaire screens were found to be too lenghtly, hence, the questions were split into cards. Prototyped this microinteraction using Sketch and Pixate.

The constantly updated task flow served as a Spec Sheet and an Open Question Tracker
Followed Material Design guidelines.
Dev was using Ionic framework which generated the UI. Hence didn't make high fidelity screens and design assets.
used flash card UI metaphor for Questionnaire in game. Prototyped using Sketch and (now dead) Pixate.