Name and visual identity

The name Baggizmo is a result of a strategic, product concept and a study of the characteristics of the target group to which the product is aimed. The name communicates the basic essence of the produc, blending the concepts of ‘bag’ and ‘gizmo.’ 
The visual identity contains specific lines and forms that are set in the product itself and the communication is based on values and emotions set in the strategy. Due to the added value of these bags – the smart design, high functionality and attractive appearance – branding is supposed to communicate through sophisticated, refined, elegant visuals that would be attractive to the modern man and with smart creative communication.

Smartly designed everyday carry bag 
Baggizmo is a unique practical bag for men designed for everyday carrying of personal portable electronic devices and small items. It can be continuously worn without interrupting work activities – for example, while driving or cycling, it is comfortable to wear and allows for quick handling. Baggizmo’s design smartly merges tech-aware and contemporary urban fashion,
promoting a new trend in wearing tech devices among men. 

Even when it’s full, Baggizmo's shape stays slim. 
So, you can wear it over a T-shirt, shirt, then under or over a jacket or a business suit.

Truly a bag of tricks!

The space inside Baggizmo is rationally organized – the direction and the size of the compartments depend on the size of its corresponding device – which are: a tablet, two smartphones, keys, wallet, power stick, pencil and a pad of paper, etc.

Here are some samples of common everyday carry items you can fit in the Baggizmo everyday carry bag:

Comfort and carrying convenience have also been determined by the choice of the material that clings to the body, but still allows the circulation of air between the bag and the body. The bag was designed to allow easy access to the gadgets following the natural angle of entry of a hand reaching inside for objects. In between the compartments there are specially tailored (hidden) passages which allow the charging of a tablet with a power stick or connecting a phone with headphones.


Baggizmo is made of quality and innovative materials that provide special protection against mechanical or heat damage. 

The Innovative textile Baggizmo is made from Schoeller®-dynatec, an innovative material that is abrasion resistant, fall protection, breathable, 2-way stretch, UV stops, wind and water repellent. The material is made of hard wearing fabric with good protective properties and a high level of stability. It is pleasant to the touch and can cope with heavy demands and has an attractive appearance. 

The genuine leather Baggizmo is made of high quality first selection genuine Italian nappa leather brought directly from Veneto – a well-known leather producing region near Venice, Italy (EU). 

The buckles are an original Baggizmo design produced in the EU (Croatia) just for this bag. The buckles are made from Zamak, part of the zinc aluminium alloy family, with a satin nickel surface treatment. Both buckles, silver or black matt finishing, have a really nice metal look and feel. The matt finishing is achieved with a high performance cataphoretic lacquer with improved wear resistance. 

Even when it's full, it appears slim and feels comfortable – thanks to its elegant, form-fitting design. 
It looks good in combination with a range of styles – business, sporty, casual or formal.


Baggizmo is packed in electrostatic semitransparent envelope bag with zipper on the top. It is only logical that a bag for gadgets is packed like technical equipment. The electrostatic bag also protects the NFC tag which is integrated in Baggizmo. The package contains branded materials and instructions for use and taking care of the Baggizmo bag.

Baggizmo gift packaging is a elegant textile packaging bag, like is often used for storing exclusive bags. Just insert Baggizmo in the textile gift bag, write your personalized message on the compliments card and you're ready for giving it as a gift.

Kickstarter campaign
In June 2015 design start-up Baggizmo started a campaign on Kickstarter, the world’s largest platform for the funding of innovative projects. In the first 24 hours of the campaign Baggizmo generated more than 20% of the total budget.
The story about the project was published by numerous international media, the most significant being
MashableDesignboom and FashNerd.
The campaign was successfully completed collecting $44,000, thanks to the 443 backers who helped bring this project to life. Thanks to everyone who supported the campaign!


Ladislav Juric, Founder of Baggizmo
Izvorka Juric, Chief Design Officer, Branding
Manufakturist, a design collective:
Mia BogovacMatea BronicMasa Milovac and Kristina Volf, Product design
Tomislav Petkovic / KoArt, Bag production
Vanja Blumensajn / Señor, Brand communication
Mladen Saric, Fashion photography
Luka Vucic, Video production
Stela Kovacic, Product photography, Design
Ivan Goran Zunar, Design
Teo Drempetić Conkic, Everyday people photography
Tatjana Bartakovic, Public Relations
Mirko Susnic, Edi Budimilic, Robert Lesac, Jelena Gvozdanovic, Caffe Atrium, Igor Pavlovic,
Zlatko Kelemenic, Neven Zulijani, Tea Subat, Dalibor Suster, Eugen Kramaric, Ivan Hecimovic,
Neil Arun, Peter Hopwood and Robert Sucic
who helped us in many ways.

Thank you
Baggizmo - the next frontier in wearing tech