Hello everyone, my name is Scott and I am a young-earth creationist.

Sigh. Ok, ok, stop laughing.  Really, stop laughing.  You sir, in the back, are you ok? Oh, that's PZ Myers? Well, leave him be.
Thank you.
Ok, before you all call a meeting of the "International Make-fun-of-Creationists Club", humor me for a few moments and check out my posters.

After reading and thoroughly enjoying the book "Starlight and Time" by Dr D. Russel Humphreys, I put together this poster. I don't know exactly where or how it would be used, but I like the layout and colors of it.
I was reading an interview with a fellow creationist and he was quoted with this phrase. I thought it was just catchy enough to make a perfect poster. I paired up one of my abstract photos with some typography.
More posters to come soon.  I am working on one with dinosaurs and an info-graphics style one on catastrophic plate tectonics. Check back in this gallery over the next few months.