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  • FLORAL IMPACT opposes mankind’s severe encroachments upon nature. Even without the depredations of genetic engineering, 22% of all plant species are in danger of extinction. With their passing, countless animal species which stand to lose their habitats as a consequence also face annihilation. The inadvertent introduction of genetically modified (GM) plants extraneous to an ecosystem also poses a threat, as they crowd out and eliminate native species. The same applies to genetic mutations arising from pollution.This photo sequence decries the implacable lust for profit that drives man to remake the face of nature, thus inflicting incalculable and irreversible damage. It can only be mankind’s obligation to commit himself to safe guarding and conserving all species which are inextricably interrelated to form a complex system. Once mankind starts manipulating this system he can only wreak havoc.

    You will find the complete photo sequence and further details on the www.unikatfabrik.de/en website which has an English-language mirror.