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  • SYNTHESIZED FASHION encourages the viewer to choose individualism over conformism. Emotionless faces of storefront mannequins in the sequence depict how interchangeable people seem if they submit to dictates of fashion. Only the setting into which the mannequins are transported photographically gives them a semblance of beauty and personality. It is a sad truth that many people feel the need to fit in at all costs, resulting in average persons forcing themselves into outfits catering to unrealistic types,unsuitable to their personal look. Young women starve themselves to death attempting to conform to an illusory ideal of beauty. Garments are mass produced by exploited laborers in low-cost countries, oft under inhumane working conditions. If we look for role-models, we should not search the pages of a glossy fashion magazine. Only people true to themselves and to their convictions deserve and command our respect and admiration.

    You will find the complete photo sequence and further details on the website which has an English-language mirror.