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    Poster campaign for Student Village to raise awareness of our website and facebook page. To gain more users.
SV Posters 
Brand awareness posters for Student Village
A poster campaign for Student Village, a youth marketing agency and social network for students. The posters are to drive more audiences to the website/facebook page. These creatives were the un-approved beginnings. 

First posters depict a deconstructed dancer- to fit in with the campus manager business cards
(see other project)
Second batch focussed on making a series posters- each then focussing on the core principles of the website. 
The images used are actual profile pics from users and deals images from the website. 
The third batch, we decided to try and incorporate a Student Village regular and friend, DJ Sphetacular- a celebrity in the South African music industry. This creative was decided against because the campaign changed to be more Student Village focussed rather than on Sphe. 
The fourth and final batch ended up being more typographical- to be more to the point and reflect all the variosu reasons to 'like" Student Village on Facebook. 

This is the approved creative that went to campus.