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    Group task to create a new game by using tokens of the existing board game "GO".
Game Rules:
1.Two Players play turn wise to climb the Mount Everest.
2.In each turn player can place their climber either on ground or top of another climber.
3.There can not be blank space below climber.
4.If player gets exactly 3 of their climbers horizontally, vertically or diagonally, they get an extra turn to place another climber.
5.In their extra turn, player might take extra 3's and get even more extra turns.
6.The player can take only 3 extra turn in one go.
7.The game ends when the board is filled.
8.Then player counts their scores.
9.Every climber on 10th step gets 10 point, on 9th gets 9 points and so on.
10.Whosoever, black or white, gets the maximum sum of scores from each climber wins.