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    Photo retrospective
The Lakehaus Memoir
a photo retrospective of a great location
As artisans, whether designer, photographer or writer, we owe it to ourselves to unmind from time-to-time. It is the essential lubricant that keeps the creative juices fresh and relevant. For myself, many moments of zen took place here dubbed as "a japanese inspired log cabin" located somewhere in the woods of central texas. This lakehaus served as my zendojo over the years & this photo retrospective honors it with an extended thanks to the family (and friends) who granted me that time.
The Lakehaus was a canvas to many of my musings–most notably the "Afrodisiac" series I was developing during 2010. It was a space like no other with its openness and floor to ceiling windows spanning the front and near both sides of the haus. I was quite fond of its simplicity and the chic retro 70's throwback here and there. The light was abundant yet challenging depending on where you were within your day. Once the sun dropped out, you could craft your mood for the evening with illuminated forest or soft toned interior (or both). I didn't experiment nearly enough with the absence of light but in most cases you had to be there in person to truly appreciate the ambiance.
The Trouble With Ninjas
Although overlooking a grand valley of possibilities, the lakehaus sadly sat vacant all too often but I checked in as frequent as possible–for awhile it was required dosage for my fragmental mind. The only problem, it was infested with ninjas who'd strike day or night in search of the elusive "Fists of Chocolate." 
Thanks for the inspiration over the years!(2003-2011)
All Good Things Come To An End
Adios! The last image.