3B - 2001 - Experimental Work by Yuko Rabbit
This series of work was an experiment for me. I challenged express abstract thought by combining words and pictures.Picture can depict what word cannot describe; on the other hand, word can describe what picture cannot depict. That means they can make up each other. 
Size: 37.2 x 26.1 (cm)
Year: 2011 (October)Medium: Digital (Photoshop), Collage
Beautiful flesh is given talent.
Beautiful people know it and that they are beautiful.
Yeah, just like you.
You build sandcastles,
while supposing that it loses shape when the waves roll too.
You wouldn't eat an apple, just glance at it.
I gave it to you, because I thought you were dying of thirst.
Silent sound of waves.
You suddenly yell in a childish way,
"Hurry up, Hurry up,
the wave's coming up!"

Size: 37.2 x 26.1 (cm)Year: 2011 (October)Medium: Digital (Photoshop), Collage
It is easy to kill yourself,
If you know that nothing happy will never come again,
and that time will heal everything after you died,
even if the bereaved might be in momentary sorrows.
The beautiful past memory, though, chains you to this world gently.
You're on a boundary between reality and daydreams,
seeing two large legs stuck out of white beds.
A child's voice saying,
"Mom, Dad, Good morning!
Well, now I know it's just a dream.
I had a terrible nightmare last night."
Size: 37.2 x 26.1 (cm)Year: 2011 (October)Medium: Digital (Photoshop), Collage
People aren't as evil as I think, you said.
That makes me depressed. I want you to understand.
I'm so ingenuous that I believe anyone, you sometimes say.
I just anticipate anyone I can put my faith in.
You, beautiful spirit,
I'm not ingenuous by any means, I don't trust in anybody, but you.
You may suspect, but my too much love for humans
turns to distrust of people.
I want to believe you. Let me.
Detail of 1B
Detail of 2B
Detail of 3B
This work was inspired visually by my most favorite model, Jaco van den Hoven.
The Font used in the title is Ostrich Sans; This is also my favorite.

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