Dock Minimal
why an iPhone does NOT need 3 plugs to charge'n sync
The question I asked my self was ... does the iPhone need 3 x 30pin plugs (two he's (one on the cable and one on the dock and a she (on the dock)) to charge or sync. My answer was NO. Apple did no longer supply the a dock with the iPhone, simply the standard cable. Another issue was, I love to use my iPhone as a clock on my bedside table. So my challenge was to make a dock that I did not have to buy two plugs from apple to simply extend the 30pins for a few cm, and the ability for landscape and portrait docking. In the process making a less cluttery production and therefore a more environmental product, easier to disassemble.

Just insert the cable that comes with the phone in the dock, and there you go. Need to use the cable without the dock, just unfasten it.

Comes in black and white.

The result is the "Dock Minimal"
The landscape mode, perfect for watching or as a night stand clock.

Several testers have praised the Dock Minimal for being a sturdy and solid dock, a worthy iPhone companion. Search and you will find :)

Thank you for looking.