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    X-FILES website
To celebrate the return of THE X-FILES, Watson/DG created Do You Still Believe?, a digital experience designed to bring together fans of the original series. The site draws in visitors with an exclusive one-minute preview of the first episode, a recap narrated by Agent Mulder that sets the stage for the show. From there, fans can explore an immersive Web-GL “X” made of up hundreds of comments, tweets and pics aggregated from across social media. Each post takes the form of a redacted document, creating what appears to be an intricate archive of government secrets. The site also encourages participation, inviting visitors to create custom posters proclaiming "they still believe" that they can share across social. The result is an experience that builds anticipation for the return of the series, bringing together both original fans and excitable new viewers to tune-in and spread the word of THE X-FILES.