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    Some info bout my socialisation process
This is Šarlota, Šarlota is eating french fries and drinking cappucino on the poetry festival in Kutna Hora.
She is a journalist and she is very busy. When she finished her french fries she already had to go for a poetry reading. And after the festival she left right for the young journalist confederence! Yet she maneged it to meet me! Thanks.  Once me and Šarlota organised a poetry festival focused on the middle school students of Pardubice. I made the posters and she wrote articles to the newspaper. We wanted to make it smaller and more specific, therefore we were not suprised nobody actually attended our competition - so we did not really have to buy any rewards. Thank God. In her famous poem she says people are like ducks and Marek agrees, Marek is also our mutual friend on facebook but he was not here in the moment.
This is Lucka going on the bus from Český Krumlov, trying to fall asleep but she cant cause I keep asking questions. 
(also Lucka) Hey Lucka what have you been upto!
Adela and Anna are going to Sarajevo. Theyre looking forward much.
They dont know they´re gonna miss their bus in few hours yet and gonna have to spend one night more in the Sarajevo city and eat their best Czevhaphi in the world meanwhile making fun of my outfit that was just too cool to accept.  
Vojta has a ponytail. He closed his eyes so he can more concentrate on that sociologic problem thats being discussed.
This is Anna. Anna plays in theatre and she likes tragic stories and colorful clothes. Shes really fine.
This is another Anna, she studies sociology and shes really fine
Vojta is readin newspaper and hes not paying attention on whats going on outside. Rain
Those are not all of my friends actually. If you wanna get to know more of my friends, you can take a look!
I can even send a greeting. 

thanks for watching!