12 months. 12 artists. 12 dates. 12 works. This is the purpose of Cubbish for this 2016.
We want to fuse creativity, talents, visions. Therefore, each month we will have an affair with a different artist, inviting him to make a piece of work together based on a concept that defines very well our philosophy: the fusion.
This way, we start a project that will take us to experiment with different techniques, formats, supports and disciplines with the artists –many of them friends, colleagues and usual members of the Cubbish team.
Without further ado, IT'S A MATCH! comes out with Álvaro Peñalta . He is an Art Director, he loves pink and he has stolen our heart.
'Post Party'
We started from the concept of the merger of two seemingly disparate elements that create a story, a new universe. Fusion concept, linked to the philosophy of Cubbish.
The scene reflects a situation where several characters are mixed after a night out. A metaphor for the fusion of creative elements through an orgy.
'Tie Me Up!'
'Toxic Cocktail'
Directed by 
Cubbish & Álvaro Peñalta
Carla Mercader
Pere Tió
Berta O. Peig
Director of Photography
Bernat Oller
Art Directors
Álvaro Peñalta & Josep Prat Sorolla
Make Up
Alaitz Albuquerque
Álvaro Peñalta & Josep Prat Sorolla